Drug & Alcohol Testing

Commonwealth Testing, Inc., specializes in drug, and alcohol testing.  We provide urine and hair collections for the purpose of drug testing individual for the presence of alcohol, illegal and or prescription drugs in their system. We understand the need for a program to fit each unique individual’s requirements. We fully understand obtaining accurate and timely results are crucial in each case.

We take pride providing our clients the highest level of convenience, confidentiality, and integrity. With our combine years of experience, common sense and a personal touch, we are dedicated to providing professional service to all of our clients and donors.

The Commonwealth Testing Team:

We have a full service, professional staff at each of our locations for drug, alcohol and DNA test collections. We provide on-site collection at the courthouse at the request of the courts and the cabinet.  We have the ability to administer random drug testing to fit the courts and pre-trial’s schedule.  Our team includes federally certified drug and alcohol collectors as well as a federally certified collector trainer.  Guardian Support Services, Inc. is a Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA) member, we are also a nationally accredited Drug/Alcohol Collection Firm as well as a Third-Party Administrator.

Collection Protocol:

Our team is knowledgeable in all areas of drug screen collections including monitored and observed collections.  Each donor must have proper photo identification or be properly identified. Specimens are collected with a custody and control form.  All collections follow Department of Transportation (DOT) protocol, which includes donor washing their hands before each collection, emptying and turning out their pockets, bluing in the commode, no trash receptacle in the restrooms, one collection performed at a time and the donor’s urine sample is never out of the donor’s, collector/observer’s sight.  Collections for the courts are observed.  The observer is always the same gender as the donor.  We afford the donor full privacy and dignity. Collections follow the standard urine collections protocol and also follows observed collection guidelines. The observed collection protocol is posted in the collection facility for the donor’s review. We also provide complete observe collection instructions the donor before each collection.  The donor is not permitted to leave the collection area until the collection is complete. In the case of a shy bladder the donor is offered up to forty ounces of water and instructed not to leave the premises.  The donor is allowed to go outside but are not allowed to get into their vehicle. After approximately fifteen minutes the donor is asked if they would like to try again. This process continues until the donor can produce a sample or the close of business whichever comes first.  The donor is not charged any additional fees for this process on the same day.  If donor chooses to leave the collection site before they provide a sample and the collection is incomplete, this is a refusal to test, and is considered an automatic positive.

Laboratory Analysis:

All laboratory confirmed samples, will be tested by a Substance Abuse and Mental Services Health Administration (SAMSHA) approved and regulated laboratory drug testing laboratories certified by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Specimens received are screened and confirmed to determine the presence of drugs. Validity testing is conducted to determine if the specimen has been adulterated or substituted. Samples are picked up Monday thru Friday by laboratory courier or overnight carrier.  Negative results are available within 48 to 72 hours after they are received by the laboratory.  Positive may take an additional 2-3 days.

Prescription Medication:

As part of our drug testing program we will verify the donor has a valid prescription that can be confirmed with a legitimate pharmacy. This information will be reported as a positive with a valid prescription.  However, if the prescription is not valid or not in the donor’s name, this information will be reported as a positive. Each donor is asked at the time of the collection regarding their prescription medication.  Donors are given two (2) business day to provide the requested information. If the information is not provided the results will be reported as a positive.  The report will not be amended if we receive past the deadline, unless requested by the courts.

Reporting Results:

All results will be reported to the client, courts or the requesting agency by telephone, fax, email, or US mail.  Negative results report out within 2 – 4 business days. Positive results require an additional 2 - 4 business days.

Random Program:

Random drug testing is effective at detecting and deterring drug use because employees do not know when they may be selected for testing. Guardian Support Services, Inc. offers program management and support for random drug testing programs. Our support tools are designed to maximize our random program while minimizing administrative effort. Random, drug testing is a strong deterrent to drug users because it is conducted on an unannounced basis. Using a random selection process such as a computer-generated program, by using Guardian Support Services, Inc. random selection program, employers ensure that there is no bias and that all employees have an equal chance of being selected, even those who have been drug tested recently.

Customized Program Solutions

  • Your random program is design for your company needs
  • We make your random program seem effectiveness

Random drug testing works best when combined with a pre-employment testing programs. Both reasons for testing should be included in the company’s employee drug testing policy, and to whatever degree is appropriate, should be openly shared with applicants and employees – as just having a program in place is an effective means of discouraging drug use.

Policy on Random Selections and Pool Updates:

Requires any updates that need to be made by the Client to their employee roster for the random pool must be submitted BEFORE the random selection takes place for that month/quarter


Strict confidentiality will be followed at all times, for the protection of the donor and Client. The only disclosures that will be made will be to designated representatives, requesting agency, courts or laboratory.