The following are some frequently asked questions about hair and urine drug testing.  If you don’t find your answer here, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We will answer all the drug testing questions you may have.

Why drug test?

Drug abuse puts everyone at risk. From increased accidents, mental, physical or emotional abuse, slowed psycho-motor response, an altered sense of time, short term memory impairment and impairment of multi-tasking performance, more absenteeism and higher insurance and medical costs.

Urine and Hair testing methodologies helps to lessen these risks by screening for the use of drugs.

What sets Commonwealth Testing apart?

The accuracy and reliability of the results we provide is paramount. Drug testing with Commonwealth Tetsing, Inc. extends beyond just the results we provide.

We pride ourselves in working closely with our clients to develop a comprehensive drug testing program supported by our knowledgeable staff and customer service.

Our goals are to answer your questions, to ensure your program runs smoothly, and to be there when you need us.

What type of tests do we provide?

DOT, Non-DOT Drug panels, 12 panel expanded Urine, 12 panel Instant Urine, 5 panel expanded Hair, Instant K-2 spice, Lab base Synthetic, Bath Salts and Breath Alcohol

Are we a medical facility? Why is this important?

No! We are not a medical clinic or doctor’s office. We are a full service drug and alcohol collection facility, a third party collection site and an employment screening firm. A full service drug and alcohol collection facility and third party collection site are dedicated to drug and alcohol testing and the importance of proper collections procedures.  It is also our first priority unlike a medical facility.   Medical facilities have to attend to all medical issues first. Our wait times are much less than a doctor’s office, walk-in medical clinic or a hospital. This benefit will save your company time and money not having an employee sitting in a waiting room waiting to be seen after all medical events and appointments.

How long will it take to get drug test results back on our applicants and employees?

We understand the need for fast, accurate, reliable, cost effective results. Our dependable turnaround times assist in timely hiring decisions. Specimen are sent out overnight to the testing laboratory. Negative results are often released within 24 hours, the next business day. Non-negative results undergo confirmatory testing and are typically released within 48 to 72 hours, two to three business days.

Do you offer on-site collections?

Yes, we offer on-site collection services.  We will perform collections at your place of business or job site.  This option offers many benefits including improved productivity, simplified logistics, reduced travel time and the convenience of not having to coordinate employees off-site during operating hours. Our on-site collection services, we make it easier for you and your employees to provide urine, hair, or breath alcohol samples for testing.